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Cincinnati Piano Tuning / Cincinnati Piano Tuner - Technician Services

*  Piano Hammers Reshaped (Tone Regulation)

*  Piano balance rail and front rail felts replaced

*  Piano back rail felt replaced

*  Piano hammer rest rail cloth replaced

*  Piano damper felts replaced

*  Piano hammers replaced

*  Piano bridle tapes replaced

*  Piano let-off regulated to avoid hammer blocking

*  Piano pedal regulation so dampers lift properly

*  Piano lost motion adjustments so key action quick

*  Piano parts replaced as needed such as wippen

*  Piano ivory keys replaced with plastic keys

*  Piano bass bridge minor repairs

*  Piano hammers squared to strings adjustments

*  Piano debris removal

*  Piano soundboard cleaned under strings

*  Piano action catcher leather replaced

*  Piano back check regulation


Grands, Uprights, Studios, Consoles, Spinets, Player Piano types


The average piano tuning is one hour once the piano is tuned to pitch A-440 and stabilized.

The minimum is $46 for first hour to tune or repair the piano.  Each additional quarterly hour is $10.  

Additional services may include trouble-shooting the source of slow hammers, slow keys, sticking hammers, clicking sounds, etc. and providing a quick solution.

Additional services may include referral to a retail store for the purchase of needed wood glue for a specific purpose to help the piano to be tuned.

Bob is the only piano tuner in the Cincinnati tri-state area who works for Cincinnati Piano Tuning / Cincinnati Piano Tuner in the piano trade.

Need your piano moved?  Call Bob for a referral to a trusted piano moving company in Cincinnati at 513-321-8863 who has moved pianos for over 30 years.  Referral to Wayne and Family Moving 513-542-5436

At your place the following services can be performed in a professional manner.

* Piano Tuning by ear and Korg Tuner

* Piano Repair

* Piano Evaluation

* Piano Stringing with new tuning pins

Bob our Cincinnati Piano Tuner’s - List of Pianos

Vertical pianos services include spinets, consoles, studios, uprights, player cabinet styles

Action regulation, tone, voicing, hammers reshaped, replaced, bridge tapes replaced, leather

Plastic elbows in spinets break down and need replacing using snap-on plastic elbows.  Call Bob

New wippens partials or full set

New damper felts and regulation

New hammers made to specs

New White Plastic keys full set

Slow keys, hammers, jack flange

Simple Solutions

Replace wippens

Replace Dampers

Replace Hammers

Replace Keys

Vertical Action Service Work

Grand Action Service Work

Sample list of pianos Bob our piano tuner has worked on in no particular order includes:

Baldwin, Howard, Hamilton, Acrosonic, Wurlitzer, Kimball, Charles Walters, Kawai, Samick, Young Chang, Petrof, Steinway & Sons, Boston, Chickering, George Steck, Zimmerman, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha, Pearl River, Sojin, Cable, Estey, Hobart, Armstrong, Hallet Davis, Estonia, Cable-Nelson, Winter, Nordiska, Pramberger, Sonninger, Whitney, Kingston, etc.

More to come...

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Cincinnati Piano Tuning uses high quality domestic and foreign parts to  repair or replace broken or worn parts.   Some parts are no longer available because piano makers have gone out of business.  Those parts that are made to standard specifications can be matched and if good, used at a cost.  Bob provides a quote before doing any work so ask for a piano evaluation first or when Bob is out to tune the piano an estimate can be provided for a fee.