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One of the best investments a piano owner can make is to buy a complete piano climate control system  and supplies to protect the piano from humidity extremes.  Bob from Cincinnati Piano Tuning is authorized to sell, install, and service complete grand, vertical, and player style piano climate control systems from  Dampp-Chaser Maker and  Pianotek Supply distributor since 1992.  Bob 513-321-8863.

Piano Climate Control System made in the USA by

Acoustic String Piano Products

Authorized reseller of complete Dampp-Chaser piano climate control systems in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  Bob travels within 27 miles of 2639 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 or 4914 Cooper Road, Cincinnati - Blue Ash, Ohio 45242 radius to install system, and tune the piano. Bob 513-321-8863   After first 27 miles, 50 cents mile.

Standard 6 part grand piano system with two dehumidifier rods, longest rod is 50 watts, one humidifier tank, one smart bracket, two evaporation pads, control unit, 3-light panel, pitcher, hose, solution, liner, sleeve, and Labor $350 to $400

Grand Piano Model 6GPS-50 with SB.

Standard 5 part vertical piano system with one dehumidifier rod, 50 watts, one humidifier tank, one smart bracket, two evaporation pads, one control unit, one 3-light panel, one pitcher, one solution, liner, hose, sleeve, and labor $350 to $400.

Vertical Piano Model 5PS-50 with SB

SU-4010: Dual Mist Humidifier with ION Exchange Filter (Blue) floor model by Sunpentown, Made in China.  Used with H-5 Humidistat control unit from Dampp-Chaser manufacturer as a substitute for the open humidifier tank in a Yamaha grand piano.

Substitute Humidifier tank from Sunpentown